It all started as volunteering at some events and providing some usable photos to the Jesus Chuy Garcia's mayoral campaign. After "Chuy" forced Mayor Rahm Emanuel to the first run-off election in many decades, I found myself as the official campaign photographer for one of the most charismatic man in Chicago. The series I share here are only the tip of the iceberg as I keep dozens of photos both shot on digital and medium format black and white film for my upcoming book "CHUY" (estimated completion November 2017) I am truly grateful for the team work, the historic opportunity and most of all Mr. Garcia and his lovely wife Evelyn for allowing me in their lives and letting me take photographs without setting limits. I sure hope this will be a great story taking its place in the history of Chicago. 

*Many stories untold, many memories... Pay attention to the center image on first row and look at the  bald guy holding a camera (left) Will save the story for later!