I spent most of the first 10 years of my childhood in a very upscale neighborhood of Istanbul. We lived just a block away from small car dealer that sold brand-new American Cars. The dealer also happened to be located a few doors down from the bakery my mom sent us to buy fresh bread baked a few times daily. If you know Turkish culture you know our bread rocks! Driving an American car in Turkey was only for super wealthy as they burnt so much gas due to their very big  V-8 engines and gas prices being ridiculously high, somewhere around $9/gal. 

Everyday I went to buy fresh bread I would check those cars, drool over them as most 9 year old would. Many times I got yelled at by mom for being late. The dealer knew I lived around and I was harmless. He would smile when he saw me on his lot. Never told me to go away.

My old-car crush* dates back to early 1980's. I drool over them even now whether is American, German or Japanese. Just two days before writing this story, February 9, 2016 I made two stops on my way to the studio to photograph an old Cadillac and a 1949 Chevy.

I don't normally go to old car shows. I like photographing them in their natural habitat, where their owners normally park them, in their "not so car show-like" conditions. I photograph them as they are. Most of these photos are taken by my cell phone or my Fuji cameras. I don't see an end to this project other than the end of my life I guess. I would hope to own a 1946 Chevy Coupe someday.