I have been following and photographing the Chicago Teachers Union since the September 2012 strike which was named the first and the largest union strike in Chicago in 25 years. Mostly asking for better working conditions, a nurse for every school, better classroom conditions, smaller class size for all and elected school board were (and still are to this day) main focus of the teachers, not asking huge pay hikes. Being a grandson of a union teacher of course connects me to this project on a whole another level which sometimes let me get emotional with the cause and borrow the bullhorn from the union representatives, give their throat a break and lead the chant. I truly believe that the teachers working conditions are our children's learning conditions and knowing how many public school classrooms have no air conditioning in the third largest city in wealthiest country on earth is simply shocking. The photo of a teacher chanting on a bullhorn is in the private collection of Karen Lewis, the legendary Chicago Teachers Union president.