I had the great pleasure of meeting and photographing Vermont Senator, 2016 Presidential Candidate Bernie Sanders. My first opportunity came during Spring 2015 while I was the official campaign photographer for the Chicago mayoral candidate Jesus Chuy Garcia who made history forcing incumbent mayor Rahm Emanuel to a run-off election. First time in decades a Chicago mayor was forced to run-off and all cards were on table for the current mayor. Senator Sanders came in to Chicago to show his support and announce his endorsements for both Jesus Chuy Garcia and 10th Ward Aldermanic candidate Susan S. Garza. Before the event actually took place I had great pleasure of doing some behind the scenes. Chicago Teachers Union president Karen Lewis, Susan S. Garza, Bernie Sanders, Cook County Clerk, former mayor of Chicago David Orr and a few aides. Then Senator Sanders gets pulled out of the room before the event starts. A young journalist interviews him. I saw this door opening and senator walking out of the door through a coat hanger! It was priceless! Second time was that massive rally in Madison, Wisconsin. I will continue to photograph Senator Sanders as much as I can during the primaries and after if he is the nominee of the Democratic Party.