Little bit about me:

Photographer at heart, I am a full-time wedding & portrait photographer in Chicago. Documentary and Street Photography is something I have been doing since 2008. Always wanted to be a war photographer when I was much younger, specially during the first Gulf War as I lived only a few hours from Turkish border with Iraq, 30 minutes from the largest Nato Airbase in Turkey where Saddam Husseyin often threaten to bomb with chemical weapons. But I ended up being a wedding photographer, I know by that decision my family sleeps better. They say weddings are safer to photograph than wars!

I published an e-book on Blurb in 2012, Walk with Me Thru The Darkness. I am one of the founding members of Magna Collective, a new and very small collaborative action of a group of Chicago area photographers. That's plenty about me. 

Little bit about this site:

On the essays section you will see some of the projects I worked on and some I still continue to work. 

On the Street Photography section, you will find a small selection of my street photography. I will build the instagram feed with more photographs past and future.

On the travel section you will see photographs from my travels around the United States and Europe.

If you like what you see on this site, let's connect on Instagram!

Thank you for stopping by.